"Africans in Asia"



2013/06/05 に公開

"Africans in Asia" people of African descent in Asia.
The story of the African presence in early Asia is as fascinating as it is obscure. It covers a period of more than 500,000 years beginning with the first Homo erectus migrations out of Africa. Both Peking and Java Man were only regional varieties of these early Africoid hominids..The story continues with the first modern human populations (Homo sapiens sapiens), the Diminutive Blacks, who travelled and sojourned from one corner of Asia to the other, beginning perhaps 90,000 years ago.

The Diminutive Blacks were followed by others of slightly larger bodily proportions and further distinguished by straight to wavy hair textures. Variously called Austrics, Austro-Asiatics, Mons, Mundas, Kolarians, and Veddas, these people were probably at their zenith 25,000 years ago, and are still prevalent in large numbers throughout Asia.

Blacks were also the first in the develoment of Asia's early civilizations. The hard factual evidence has borne this out in case after case. Although the story of the black presence in early Asia is obscure, its documentation is by no means new, abd the works of Drusilla D. Houston, Joel A. Rogers, and most recently John G. Jackson, can be singled out for broadening our awareness of the subject andproviiding a solid foundation from which we can move forward.

---------- Runoko Rashidi